Why elders want MASTEN WANJALA to be buried by the river bank at night – This deceased serial killer has brought shame to his family.


Elders from the Bukusu community now want the body of self-confessed serial killer, Masten Wanjala, to be buried by the banks of any river at night after his family disowned him.

According to the elders, this is the only way the family will prevent curses from going after them.

Isaac Misiko, a Bukusu elder, said the body should be buried late at night.

 “The only option for the family is burying the body of Wanjala away from the homestead and along a river bank,” Misiko said.

Rituals should also be performed before he is buried to cast out evil spirits that might haunt the family in the future.

According to the elder, burying someone near the river means that the family will forget about what he did in the past, as the memories will be driven down the stream.

As previously reported, Wanjala’s father said they were not ready to bury him for fear of contracting a curse.

The family even skipped the suspected killer’s post-mortem.

Wanjala was lynched by a mob after he escaped from the Jogoo Road police station.


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