Why Lilian Muli doesn’t refer to herself as a single mother


TV personality Lilian Muli has opened up on how motherhood changed her.

The mother of two says she has had to adjust her life as she is a mother to boys. Speaking during an interview on Jalango TV, Muli shared,

“Motherhood has made me realize you have to fill in the gaps.

You can’t say because daddy is busy you cant attend football matches.

My conversations have to be around what they like.

I have become a tomboy, the heels took  a back seat because I am outdoors.”

Asked how she has been managing life as a single mother, she said, “I do not call myself a single mother because I have people present in my life whether it’s my brothers or my dad.

I say I am doing everything I can to make sure they (kids) never feel the gap.”

On whether she plans on having another kid, Lilian responded, “I can never have another kid.

I have always wanted baby boys because I grew up among boys.”


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