Will Jalang’o taste the wrath of cancel culture?


Yesterday, comedian and radio host, Jalang’o informed the public that the Nairobi Regional Security and Intelligence Committee has issued a statement to have the Luo Festival postponed until after the measures on public gatherings have been reviewed. He expressed his disappointment considering the level of hype this event had received from influential individuals in the country.

Hours after that, Blogger, Edgar Obare shared a thread on his IG stories about the wash wash business in the country.  He exposed how it’s done- mostly through Fake Money Scam, Tender Scam and The Gold Wash.

Jalang’o was named among the top people individuals involved with politicians and other scammers who practice wash wash.

According to Obare, most of the Kenyan influencers who live a lavish lifestyle and own expensive salons like Vera and Betty Kyalo are also a part of this scheme.

Tweeps have gone wild on the story, with most of the attention placed on Jalang’o who is known for his philanthropic gestures.

With the recent cancel culture trend, it’s a matter of time before we find out if Jalang’o will be canceled.


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