WILLIS RABURU’s ex-wife, MARYA PRUDE, still thinks marriage is a scam after a messy divorce – “I wouldn’t wish to get married again”.


Willis Raburu’s ex-wife, Marya Prude, has revealed that she is single and not keen on getting married at the moment.

Interacting with her fans during a question and answer session, the 27-year-old beautician put it clear that she is not seeing any man.

“Are you single,” a fan inquired and she responded saying, “Yes I am,”.

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Another fan asked her whether she has plans of getting married again after her messy divorce with Willis Raburu last year and in her response, she said that she is not open to the idea of getting married but if she finds the right man, she will settle down.

“Do you still wish to get married again,” a fan asked and she responded saying, “I am not wishing but I’m open to it if the right person comes,”.

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Marya and Willis Raburu parted ways last year over infidelity and although her ex-husband moved on and fell in love again with another lady of Ugandan origin, she is still enjoying the single life.


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