WOMAN shocked to find her husband lying in a pool of blood in Riruta, minutes after he jumped from the bed to rescue a robbery victim – So sad.


A man responding to the wails of a distressed robbery victim in Riruta, was unlucky to lose his life when he got in the way of the attackers, who knifed him twice as they staged their escape. 

George Omondi and his wife Jackline Omondi, were soundly in bed yesterday at 5 am, when their sleep was rudely interrupted by loud distressing screams outside their house. Omondi immediately jumped from the bed and dashed for the door in aid of the victim.

A few minutes later his wife Jackline, stepped outside to also find out what was happening and saw a crowd of people surrounding a body that was sprawled on the ground.

On moving closer, she was shocked to find out that the man was her 48-year-old hubby, who had moments earlier dashed out of their house in aid of a robbery victim. 

Earlier, the robbery victim had been accosted by knife-wielding thugs who dispossessed him of his mobile phone and were in the process of emptying his pockets, when Omondi spoilt their party. 

But sadly, as the miscreants let their victim loose they stabbed Omondi twice on the stomach and took flight, leaving him on the ground gasping for breath. He was later pronounced dead on arrival at Life Friends Medical Center.

Dagoreti based detectives have closed in on the suspects and it is only a matter of time before they pounce on them and make them pay for the gruesome murder of hero George Omondi, who dared to save the life of a fellow countryman but ended up paying the ultimate sacrifice with his own life. 



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