Yatta land belongs to Kalonzo, DCI declares as ex-VP attacks Ruto


Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka legally owns a land in Yatta, Machakos county, a report has shown.

The 200 acres has been in question as it originally belonged to the National Youth Service. 

Kalonzo on Wednesday walked to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters on Kiambu Road, Nairobi, where he was given a report on the findings of the issue.

He launched a scathing attack on Deputy President William Ruto, who had claimed Kalonzo grabbed the land.

Kalonzo said his character was assassinated by the DP’s claims and threatened to take legal action against him.

He asked the DP to resign if he has a conscience.

“If he has a conscience, he should resign or fail to resign if he has a heart of stone. My legal team is exploring other legal remedies we may want to pursue,” he said.

According to the report, Kalonzo was the second owner of the Yatta land. NYS says it has no interest in the property.

A company owned by the Kalonzo family bought the land from Bestraco Limited.

“That the subject property is privately owned by Pastev Holdings Limited after buying from a company known as Betraco Limited,” the report by DCI George Kinoti showed.

His lawyers said the findings have put to rest the claims that have been hanging for long.

“It’s wrong to associate our party leader with corruption. We are going to present him as a presidential candidate. Findings have made him as clean as cotton,” lawyer Mutula Kilonzo Jnr said.

Kalonzo said Ruto was the least qualified person to accuse anyone of graft and challenged him to explain the source of his wealth.

He called for a compulsory lifestyle audit on all those seeking elective posts, starting with the MCAs, MPs, governors and the president.

He said he will focus on Ruto and his alleged activities, which he termed questionable.

“Some people are invoking the name of God to hoodwink Kenyans and must be stopped. If we make a mistake and allow these characters near to power, we will make a mistake.”

Wednesday was the second time he appeared before the DCI over the issue, but this time to get the report.

Kalonzo arrived at the DCI at 10.30am. He was accompanied by, among others, his lawyers – senators James Orengo and Mutula Jnr.

They emerged less than an hour later and announced the DCI had given them a report in regard to a complaint they had lodged in January this year. 

Kalonzo had in January 2021 presented himself before detectives to set the record straight over his acquisition and ownership of the controversial Yatta land.

The Wiper leader said he opted to present himself to clear his name following accusations by Ruto that he grabbed the land from the NYS.

“I own the land legally, the claims by the Deputy President are outrageous. I challenge him to substantiate his allegations,” Kalonzo said of the 200 acre farm at his rural home.

While making the claim, the DP said, “The only thing he has to show after years in government is the land he grabbed.”

He also invited the DP to follow suit and present himself before the directorate for scrutiny.

“I have nothing to hide and I today challenge the authorities to open an investigation into this matter. I am today presenting myself for a thorough investigation by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations as well as the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.”

He accused Ruto of being the biggest land grabber in the country, citing a case in his Rift Valley backyard where he was once charged with grabbing land belonging to a businessman who later won the case when the DP was ordered to return his land.


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