You are marking the territory – Dr. BOSIRE WAIRIMU told after sharing photos getting mushy with CNN journalist LARRY MADOWO.


Medical doctor and human rights activist, Dr. Bosire Wairimu, has caused a commotion on social media after she shared photos getting mushy with CNN journalist Larry Madowo.

In the romantic photos that caused a lot of reactions on Twitter, the vocal human rights activist was enjoying great moments with Larry in a swimming pool in the company of another lady.

“Loving the soft life,’’ she captioned one of the photos.

In another photo, Larry and Dr. Bosire were pictured getting mushy while lying on the ground like teenage lovers.

“Even me I am tapping into the God of Larry Madowo. Of great friendships,” she captioned the photo.

Although the well-educated medical doctor said that Larry is just a friend, Netizens were not convinced.

They think that Dr. Bosire is madly in love with the prominent journalist.

Others think that she is marking territory.

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See how Netizens reacted to the photos on Twitter.

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