‘You smell so good’ – Beautiful LADY tells aging beach boy OMAR LALI as they get mushy at a night club in Lamu (VIDEO)


54 year old beach boy Omar Lali is once again the talk of social media after he was caught on camera in a night club at Lamu in the company of an unidentified lady.

Lali, who was rocking his signature Shuka and sandals, was whispering sweet nothings to the beautiful lady, who had gone to the Coast for a short vacation, while sipping his drink and enjoying loud music that was blazing from the club’s speakers.

In the video, the seemingly tipsy lady is heard telling Lali how he smells so good and promises him that she will be visiting Lamu frequently to smell his perfume.

She further praises him for being a simple man.

“Oh my God, he smells so good.”

“He is a simple guy, ona vile anakaa,” the lady says as composed Lali stares at the camera.

Lali appreciated the compliments and welcomed her to Lamu, adding that the magical city has very friendly people and is full of fun activities.

The viral video has sparked a lot of reactions on social media, with many men asking the controversial beach boy for tips on how to sweep the hearts of beautiful ladies.

“Show us your ways Master,” a social media user reacted to the video.

“Huyu dame amejimarinate. Amebaki kukuliwa tu,” another user added.


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