You won’t believe why RAILA stopped using his signature Kitendawili catchphrase in Azimio rallies – Look!


Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has finally revealed why he rarely uses the ‘Kitendawili’ phrase in his Azimio la Umoja rallies.

Speaking on Tuesday evening during a joint media interview, Raila said he had not really stopped using his signature kitendawili phrase but had metamorphosed in his politics.

According to Raila, he doesn’t use the phrase more often as he used to do in the past, adding that he only uses Kitendawili riddles when he wants to drive a point home.

Raila also rubbished claims that he rarely uses the phrase because his opponent, Deputy President William Ruto, had accused him of using it more often and even nicknamed him ‘Bwana Kitendawili’. 

“I have not really stopped doing Kitendawili but I have stopped using it more often than I used to do. I used it sometimes when I want to bring a point home. It is not that I don’t use it because some people accused and called me Bwana Kitendawili. I have transitioned and metamorphosed in politics,” stated Raila.


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