Young Reverend Victor Githu Dismisses Claims He’s Dating 25-Year-Old Pregnant Woman: “I’m Too Young”


Reverend Victor Githu has come out to clarify he has never dated an older woman.

In an Interview with Eve Mungai at an album launch, Victor put the rumours that he is dating a 25-year-old woman to rest.

He was stunned by the news and noted he was too young for such.

“That came to my mind and I was like why now, I’m still too young still a young boy growing up and I wouldn’t do that,” he said. Verify news first The young reverend noted that Kenyans love to argue and pick on him without verifying if the news was indeed true. He said, “But if you have the wisdom of God you will think and ask yourself how will a child of God of ten or eleven years old have a girlfriend who is twenty-five years old.” He also remarked that God is wise and he doesn’t walk with people who aren’t wise.

“If you have the spirit of God you would have known it’s not true and I think what people lack is wisdom that’s what makes them think about me,” he said.


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